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  1. Blue Bay-B&B 867/S

    Blue Bay-B&B 867/S

    ₹ 3,900
    An acetate full frame from Blue Bay. This frame features an elegant design on front of the temples. Learn More
  2. Blue Bay-B&B 872/S

    Blue Bay-B&B 872/S

    ₹ 3,900
    An acetate pair of sunglasses from Blue Bay. Learn More
  3. Lee Cooper-LC 6137

    Lee Cooper-LC 6137

    ₹ 3,380
    A stainless steel Aviator shaped pair of sunglasses from Lee Cooper. Learn More
  4. Maui Jim-MJ 407 Ho`okipa

    Maui Jim-MJ 407 Ho`okipa

    ₹ 7,990
    These sunglasses from Maui Jim feature a rimless design and are constructed from acetate. They belong to Maui Jim's "MJ Sport" category and as the name suggests, it's perfect for sporting or any other outdoor high-intense activity as the temples will not loose colour even if the sunglasses come in contact with sweat. It also features impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. It features Maui Jim's patented Polarized Puls , 2 Lenses. Learn More
  5. BURBERRY-B 1168

    BURBERRY-B 1168

    ₹ 10,730
    This frame from Burberry is made of stainless steel front with thick shell sides. The checked design on the temples resemble the authentic Burberry checked design found on the brand's clothing and apparels. Learn More
  6. Burberry-BE 1223

    Burberry-BE 1223

    ₹ 12,060
    This frame from Burberry is made from Stainless Steel and Shell. The color of the shell used on the temples is very distinctive. The openness of the frame front adds to the overall look of the frame. Learn More
  7. Burberry-BE 2129

    Burberry-BE 2129

    ₹ 11,390
    This frame from Burberry is made of a Shell frame front and Stainless Steel temples. It's elegant color combination and compact, feminine shape adds to the beauty of the frame. Learn More
  8. Bvlgari-4067 B

    Bvlgari-4067 B

    ₹ 24,620
    One of the prettiest creations of Bvlgari, this frame has a full shell construction. It has a really pretty dark and light brown color combination all over. The crystal design on the temples adds elegance to the frame. Learn More
  9. Emporio Armani-EA 9728

    Emporio Armani-EA 9728

    ₹ 8,600
    A full frame constructed from Acetate by Emporio Armani. The trendy color and Emporio Armani insignia on it's temples make this a real stand out on the wearer's face. Learn More
  10. Emporio Armani-EA 9888

    Emporio Armani-EA 9888

    ₹ 9,900
    This frame from Emporio Armani features a very different matte steel color with a large frame front. This makes the frame a real stand out on the wearer's face. Learn More